Requesting Sailwave experience from US users

Looking for race management software for my club in Connecticut. Would like feedback from US users on their experience using Sailwave, pros and cons etc. Thanks Pettipaug2022

Hi Brian,

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Please could you expand on what you mean by ‘race management software’? I do not consider Sailwave ‘race management software’ but a software application for calculating race results and series results. It is a piece of the race management environment for running sailboat racing.

There are several software applications for that run on smartphones / tablets, both Android and iOS based systems, that can assist with starting races and recording finish data. Many if not most of those that can record finish data have the ability to save in CSV format. Some of these applications save finish data directly in a CSV format that Sailwave can import, others have to have a bit of manipulation first.

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My apologies for getting back to you so late. I blame the holidays. By “race management software” I mean software to handle online registration, day of race check in and recording of results. For my club we host three handicap races and a One Design class series of 16-20 races over four weekends. We are not a sophisticated club, however we want an smoother way to run our races.

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Hi Brian,
Thank you for outlining what ‘race management software’ means to you.

Sailwave only does the results piece but it does not record finish line data. Sailwave ‘imports’ finish line data before applying the chosen scoring rules. ‘Import’ of finish line data is typically manual by typing in the data from the finish sheet as prompted. If finish line data is recorded electronically and made available in the format required by Sailwave for import, the finish line data can be imported into Sailwave from a CSV file.

I know of one solution that can deal with the entry & registration process and ‘talk’ bi-directionally to Sailwave but it has a cost. Sailwave has Microsoft messaging API built-in.

I also know of a couple of solutions here in Europe that are an all-in-one solution but they do have a cost.

Some Sailwave users for on-line entry use Google Docs and take the entry fee at registration.

Sailwave can import event entries from a CSV file which most solutions are able to generate.

I look forward to hearing how you get on in your search for something that fits your needs.
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Hi Brian,

We could certainly provide all the software you need however the Online registration which I presume that you would also want to collect entry payments would be chargeable.

Sailwave is free of charge and will handle all of your requirements with ease with the exception of online registration.
The online registration always requires some customisation such as the event and classes that people are entering and the associated fees.
There are lots of ways of doing this but something to seriously consider are

Cognito forms

These types of forms allow you without any programming to configure the entry and collect the payments and generate a csv of all the entries

The CSV can then be directly imported into Sailwave - They are free for very simple events but it would in your case incur a charge by the forms supplier.

So in summary Sailwave will do everything you want if you add one of the form solutions or something similar.
Let me know if you would like to discuss it further.


Hi Jon,
Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities.

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If it was just Race registration and not payment, I did knock up a google form which is fairly well documents and easy to set up for yourself. And easy to modify.

If has options to import into Sailwave and DSRC.

You can check it out here DSRC - Sign-On Demo