Riderle B calculations with Averages involved

Greetings. I am trying to do some calculations and am getting the error message indicating that there may be a negative result because I am using a high point system and the result may be based on more boats than actually started.

I have verified that when I do the averaging, I have for the scoring code a value of 0 (Zero). I have also tried it with a 1 (one) as the scoring code value.

The race file I am using is last season's file, with updates made and previous results cleared. When comparing last year's file with this years, I noticed that under the 'Statistics' header is a line for "Scoring systems" with a value of 1 in the 2008 file, but this line does NOT appear in the 2009 file. I have tried to recalculate the 2008 results using the current code (V2b4)and it worked with no problem.

When I have tried it in the 2009 file with the OOD and RDGa codes, and I get the same error message popping up.

Can someone check the logic on this to make sure it is doing the calculations correctly? Last year we were having issues, and as a result the error message was introduced.