Rutland Sprint - Interested in being scorer?

I am PRO for an Open Meeting at Rutland Sailing Club, UK on 4th November 2006.

The Class Association have agreed to use a VERY NEW format of racing (called Rutland Sprint) for the
event, which will consist of Heats, Quarter, Semis & Finals, with results from previous rounds not
being carried forward to the next round

I want to use Sailwave to assign boats to starts in each round and score each round etc
Scoring will be based on a 'high points' system with something like 1st = 6 points, 2nd 4, 3rd 3,
4th 2 & 5th 1.
All other boats get no points & there no discards

Racing will be continuous starts of short 10/15 mins on an inverted 'S' course (a bit like Team
racing) but port hand
We will also need to produce race schedules, which will probably be in Excel, ready to cope with
last minute entries on the day.

A single class is enough of a challenge but the joint classes association want us to provide this
format for all of their 9 classes.
That means 9 'mini' events & depending on the entry, some classes could start at Heats (70/80
boats), others (with less than could be racing 'Finals' (say less than 14 boats) all day

I have obviously got a lot on my plate & wondered if any other 'fool' would like to be in at the
birth of this format & help plan & process results on the day???

Unfortunately, I do not have a budget for expenses but very happy to buy the odd pint during the day