RV: [sailwave] Locales (update)

Hola a todos:

envio un primer intento de traduccion a español. Admito propuestas y mejoras.

Saludos Miguel Frasquet


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Enviado: domingo, 25 de agosto de 2002 13:47

Asunto: RE: [sailwave] Locales (update)

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De: Colin Jenkins

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Enviado: viernes, 23 de agosto de 2002 15:34

Asunto: [sailwave] Locales (update)

Hi all,

OK, I’ve redesigned the locale infrastructure a bit to make things easier
WRT creating locales. See attached updated documentation. The upshot is
that eng.ini is now supplied fully populated with a separate section for
each window; the [generic] section is defunct. This provides a better
structure and allows the name string to be translated differently depending
on the window context which can be useful because of space issues etc. When
you start Sailwave it will auto-detect if your locate is out of date (for
example after installing a new version) and offer to update it for you
with English translations in the appropriate window sections. Having done
so you can then just scan the file for English and translate at will.

Hope that makes things better; there are still some issues like error
messages but we getting there…

WRT your existing ini files, you need to cut/paste from [generic] into the
appropriate window section or start again; apologies for that but hopefully
is a small price to pay for an improved system.

Doing tweaks now but its Friday and the pub is beckoning; probably upload
over the weekend sometime…

NB: this supersedes the initial idea about a helper.


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