RYA Returns - Races with race Handicap

Hi Jon,

Quick question, I was about to do this year RYA returns, We allow helms to switch boats on occasions if unable to get Crew or their boat out of action. We just pop in a race handicap for the alternative boat PY . Before I send the RYA returns I usually go through the series and delete and results when a race PY was used. This relies in the fact the I can spot all the occasions. :smiley:

What’s does the sailwave plugin RYA Send Results to PY online process do if it comes across a Race PY? Just incase It ignores them so I can save myself a job?



Hi Keith - It doesn’t filter it in anyway it simple creates an XML of the information and sends this to the RYA for anyone interested the attached demo.pdf contains the XML that is created based on the RYA-online included in the examples installed with Sailwave

demo.pdf (61.9 KB)

Thanks Jon I shall continue to delete the results with a race PY before uploading by hand.

Just a little update for anyone in a similar position to me.

As with all thing Sailwave there was a quicker way :smiley:, that I hadn’t considered.
I remembered You can view results (View menu or F6) as Race Ratings so much easy to spot, (than the way I was doing it!!)
Then I just cleared the result for the race in question (It does reset to results view and leave the race rating) but if you are methodical still an easy way. I had just 32 results to delete