Sail GP imitation for Optimist

Hi, sorry my english.

I am configuring the regatta values fot imitation SailGP for my little navigators

High Score OK
Valor of DNC fixed 0 points etc OK.
Other valor Codec DSQ, RET … OK
Custom point formula : c-p+1 OK

i need to configure DPI:

Sail Gp Penalty Points


** Boat responsible - four points*
** Boat involved - minimum two points (if it was possible for them to avoid)*

Damage: Tech team needed to review and repair

** Boat responsible - eight points*
** Boat involved - minimum four points (if it was possible for them to avoid)*

Serious damage: Taken out of racing for the day

** Boat responsible - 12 points*
** Boat involved - minimum six points (if it was possible for them to avoid)*


At the end of an event, a boat’s accumulated contact and damage points penalties will result in the following deductions from the Season Championship:

4 points = two season points deducted
5-8 points = four season points deducted
9-12 points = eight season points deducted
13+ points = 12 season points deducted

Can you help me?

Hi Jesús,
Welcome to the Sailwave User Group Forum.

I have done a little bit of investigation regarding your requirements which are the first time I have come across something like this. The High Pont Scoring option in Sailwave has its limitations currently with scoring penalties and what you would like to achieve. It would all work using Low Points scoring, by swapping deductions to additions :wink:

At present following my limited testing, I can make things work with manual intervention for individual races, but not for end of season deduction of points. Perhaps the developer will respond with something I have missed, when he is back home after scoring the 29er European Championships.

Individual race scoring penalty process - High Points Scoring
I created a new scoring code, for example DPI4, and set its scoring method to points entered manually.
I scored series without a boat having a scoring penalty.
I made a note of the points scored by the boat to be given a scoring penalty.
I then applied the scoring penalty for a boat by doubling the result for the boat in question in the race to have the penalty applied.
I then selected the scoring penalty code and entered the value recorded above minus the points associated with the scoring penalty

Kind regards,

I know I ask for very specific things, but I like to spin my head.

I will modify the DPI.

Thanks for all.