Sail Number Wizard . . again?

Hi Colin: I was sitting on the deck watching a few dinghy fleets in
the bay when I thought of another 'improvement.' Sorry. But it would
be nice. When a multiple sail number match shows up in the window in
the SNW - I would occasionally get about six boats - it would be
useful if the boat choices were numbered and the window was a bit
bigger (to include more boats). As it stands now one has to move one's
hand from the keyboard to the mouse, point and click on the desired
boat to select it, then move to the keyboard to hit enter. Very slow.
It is faster when I put the mouse on the left hand side of the
keyboard which I do about half of the time. But if each possible boat
was numbered then one could enter that number on the keypad to select
the right one then hit enter to move on. It would speed data entry up
It is a constant compromise where to set the significant digits - too
low and you get too many multiple matches, too high and too many
numbers have to be typed in. I find that 4 significant digits works
most often for my fleets.
This suggestion isn't very high on the priorities list, unlike the
totally inaccurate overall scoring of fleets with different numbers of
races. This is an essential core competency for Sailwave. I imagine it
is high on your 'to do'list. I gave up on sorting it out - fleets were
scored correctly and prizes went to the right people for they were
scored by fleet. Overall winners also got the right prizes 'cos I
eyeballed it when I noticed the weirdness. But the web site info is
crazy for some of the fleets with fewer races 'cos I'm too tired to
reenter the data to reconstitute the results to be accurate by fleet.
Bye, Donald