Sailwave 2.28.7

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Version 2.28.7 has been around for a little while with some users that have been testing and I’m happy that it is stable so it’s not strictly a Beta but it is only a .exe which you can replace the existing Sailwave.exe file see the post below if you need details of how to do…

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When I try to install sw2_28_7.exe I get system error that says:

The code execution cannot proceed because Swdll.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.


Hi Michael - did you already have the 2.28.2 installed?
Did you rename it sailwave.exe and place in the Sailwave program directory replacing the existing one as per the instructions SWdll.dll will already be in the Sailwave program directory.

OOPs – I read it and didn’t do that. Now fixed

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Those changes have worked really well for our club - thank you Jon.