Sailwave 2 bites the dust


Revelation number 2... I'm going to have to abandon work on Sailwave 2 as
is stands; I tore off far more then I can chew and it's starting to
overwhelm me.

So the plan is to go back to the 1.45 source and start adding things
incrementally; the result will not be as elegant but what the heck; it'll
work OK. Hopefully I can gradually bring in stuff from Sailwave 2 as I go
and then dump it completely. In this way I can start working with all the
folk I've make promises to much earlier then would have been possible.

I feel much happier now as I can see a manageable task ahead, whereas
Sailwave 2 was becoming a monster and if I'm honest still had months of work
to go; I let a domino effect take over.

I have a slight problem in that the latest source I have is 1.44 but I think
I can retro most of what was in the .44-.45 transition pretty quickly.

So forget Sailwave 2 and everything I've said in the last 6 months, and
let's get back to reality.

I *will* be uploading a 1.46 in the next few days with all the registration
stuff ripped out.

Colin J


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