Sailwave 2 update

Contrary to previous messages, the next version will be Sailwave 2.0. It
will also be installed by default into a different folder. The reason is
that the new version only uses a single install folder, all other paths:
ratings, templates, styles, locales etc, are defined by the user. Also,
Sailwave will come installed only with a single default template/style which
will manifest itself as a pathless "default" name. Similarly the default
English local will be 'invisible'.

All other templates and styles will be downloadable from the web site.
There will also be web upload facilities so that users can contribute such
files directly. This is all part of a simplification/generalisation review
which I felt was needed. My philosophy has changed slightly from supplying
an 'application' to supplying a 'sailing scoring development system' which
will drift towards direct web/database integration was well - the idea is
that as far as possible everything can be supplied by the user to override
the defaults, including user DLLs to do augment scoring (eventually) - i.e.
the plugins really will be plugins.

Points systems like Cox-Sprage and it's derivatives will similarly be
supplied as files by the user, though maybe not in 2.0.

There will be no automatic upgrading and moving of files for 2.0, hence the
different install folder. Sailwave 2 will install and then you can decode
where to store ratings/templates/styles etc. The default template will be
better in that it will provide for an indexed list of tables - i.e. at the
top of the page there will be a list of links to the series summary and race
tables etc. The templates can be augmented by HTML that can be placed
before and after the series summary and each race. Any existing
templates/styles my need a minor tweak.

Instructions will be supplied about how to uninstall all files associated
with Sailwave 1 manually.

I've had a few problems with my eyes recently which has slowed me down but
they seem to have recovered over Xmas; perhaps they are still

Colin J


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