[sailwave] Appendix KE (again)

Hi Colin

Take a look at the ISAF site re Mid year meeting minutes etc. Paul Henderson has submitted a proposal for scoring systems re Qualification & Finals etc. The Events Committee are to recommend it to Council (for approval in November?) & it is submission 28-01 which I found in the agenda & supporting papers.

If you are to change Sailwave, you may wish to check that this submission is covered, with an allowance for:

  1. variable numbers of fleets & the method of allocating to fleets e.g. in the 29ers, we usually have 2 fleets & allocate odd places to one fleet & evens to the other.

  2. possible alternatives for how to treat the qualifying positions. In the 29ers we have normally carried forward the qual position as a non-discardable score in the finals. If however, this submission is adopted, I may change our method to conform to the new standard system


Ralph Tingle

Ogston SC (when the res. is re-filled!!)