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Hi, David!

The Exclude/include could be set by the "Set competitor field" found under the Tools-menu. It could be toggeled by 1=Exclude and 0=include

Anyway, it worked like that in a earlier version, but in 1.87 I'm just able to set it to "Exclude". That is a BUG, and Colin might fix it....

Martin Bølgen
Grimstad seilforening


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OK, I fad missed the delete competiturs edit option.
Having an "include" option would savr some key strokes in our case but no big deal. Is there a quick way to undo the delete if you make a mistake.
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Hi Ralph,

>>Alternatively, there is an Exclude column so that those competitors can be
excluded from the results (I think)
Not sure if this suits your purpose as you will probably get quite a few
pages of print out when publishing<<

If you're not viewing excluded competitors in the main view, they will not
be published either. From a scoring POV, excpuded competitors are treated
as if they did not exist. Many clubs always fully load their series and
then include/exclude as required.


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