[sailwave] DNF and sailing the course

Try informing the competitor that they sailed the wrong course and request that they retire form the race. You can then correctly score them as RAF (retired after finishing). If they refuse and have missed a mark, they probably should be abused in the protest room.

Mark Townsend
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club


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Subject: [sailwave] DNF and sailing the course
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 22:51:02 -0000

As I understand it, if a boat does not sail the correct course (say
she skips a mark), the OOD cannot (under the RRS) unilaterally score
the competitor as DNF; they or another competitor has to protest if
the offender does not retire, otherwise there is nothing anybody can
do about it. This is because of the definition of "finishing" in
that a boat can "finish" without sailing the correct course and the
OOD have no 'special powers'. However in club racing it's convenient
and practical in a way for the OOD/scorer to enter DNF. There again,
looking at club racing as practice for bigger events (which is how I
view it), perhaps we shouldn't... Anybody have any thoughts about
this? The RYA/USSA guidelines to Appendix A specifically mention
that the OOD cannot so which is interesting... We seem to have an
unwritten philosophy in our club that 'it is not cool to protest'
which is not going to get any of us to learn the rules or be prepared
for a 'real' protest hearing. I've been to a protest hearing at a
Europeans and it was a fairly intimidating. I view protesting as
simply a part of sailing; I could happily get drunk with somebody
that protested me without feeling resentment... But going full
circle, a protest meeting at our club involves folk giving their
evenings up, so perhaps in this case, which is relatively minor, we
are 'correct' in scoring them as DNF and simply giving them a bit of
stick in the bar...

Colin J

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