[sailwave] DNf & sailing the course

re protests not being 'cool'
It would be a wonderful club where every sailor touching a mark does a 360,
and other infringements a 720
- we keep trying to drum into people that if there is a 'coming together'
someone has to do turns. or retire, but often this dosn't happen.
If allowed to go unchecked, the rules become less and less adhered to.
(everyone gets away with it so why shouldn't I)
Obviously a bit of sportsmanship and goodwill is needed to make racing
enjoyable, but in cases where both parties feel they have been severely
disadvantaged, the protest room is the only place (if can't be resolved in
the bar)!
We generally sail without on the water referees, and rely on both honesty and
the protest room to ensure fair sailing.
It would be to the sport's detriment if every incident ended up in a protest.
But without people feeling happy to protest and be comfortable that it's a
necessary activity to resolve complicated or contentious issues, anarchy will

So protest (in a gentlemanly way without aggression or rancour, especially at
the poor souls who have been press ganged into sitting on the protest