[sailwave] Entering race results

Hi Dan,

As a user I do this:-

  $ Make sure you have a rating system selected so that Sailwave knows
you're going to enter elapsed times or start/finish times.

  $ Order the data by the sail number (for example) column (click the
Sail-Num column heading).

  $ Click on the first result cell of the race/competitor I'm interested in
and press Enter to edit. NB: notice that the status bar shows the
competitor/race you're hovering over as you move the mouse around prior to
selecting this cell.

  $ Enter the elapsed time and press Enter to save. In Sailwave pressing
Enter has the effect of pushing the button that is outlined bolder then the
other buttons; this is standard windoze in fact (as you probably know).

  $ Press the down key/up keys to locate to the next competitor I'm
interested in and press Enter to edit etc etc.

  $ Press F9 to score the series when all results have been entered in this

  $ No mouse needed and I personally find it very quick.

As I understand it the Enter-Positions-As-A-Sail-Num-List tool (usually only
used for series with a large number of competitors) will be upgraded shortly
to handle elapsed times and/or start/finish times.

NB: You'll need v3.1 to fix the **extremely** annoying (to keyboard users
especially) buglet that keeps checking "Auto" when you go into EditResult.



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When entering a race result it is slightly cumbersome to have to exit the
elapsed time entry screen in order to enter the time for the next

I would like to see a facility to tab to the next competitor after all
relevent fields have been filled in.

If such a facility already exists how do I use it?


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