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Thanks for that, I had though of a special scoring code, but don’t think you can display a code, and the finish, elapsed and corrected times as well. Notes is probably my best option.




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Hi John,

Now I understand what you are wanting to do, then unfortunately there is no way of having a column specific to each race.

You might consider adding notes :

  • on the Notes tab of the first publishing window and then check the publish notes box, the information is then published at the foot of the series tables

  • on the notes tab of the race concerned and the information entered will appear at the head of that race table but not be shown with the series table(s)

Another option is to create a special scoring code(s).

Hope this gives you a workaround that is useable.

Kind regards,


On 01/07/2019 17:04, John Selby
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Is not crew name specific to the whole series, I am looking for a column that is specific to each individual race as there might be 3 races on the day, and protests not heard until next week


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On 1 Jul 2019, at 16:53, Kirk Robertson
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Why not just rename an existing column that you don’t use (e.g. crew name)

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I am looking for an extra column I can show in results for each race in the series, which I can call ‘Flags’ and hence show things like P for protest pending, or 5% for 5% time
penalty taken, without effecting start, elapsed, or corrected times. Would not matter if it had to be done by Edit+Competitor as it doesn’t occur very often.

Any ideas?