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Look at it this way: If you’re going to create Mass confusion, it’s better in sailing than football!

I’m not sure, but I think we started out with the Flight field. The confusion came when moving towards Race specific values, and only because we ( I did anyway) tought we HAD to use the competitor field…

Now that I have understood that we don’t have to use that field, I don’t even want it to bee there!

I do not deal too much with ratings, so I’m not capable of being confused about that! But I have been wondering; A boat has a rating, and it does not vary from race to race. So, why should it be race specific? It should be “boat specific”.

Flights varies from race to race, at least they do it often, so they should be race specific…

Sorry Colin, but you have to ask those who use ratings!




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Martin, Ralph et al,

After being confused for a while, I see that

race specific is (the) solution.

Yes, everything in Edit+result (double-click on a table cell in a race column) will be race-specific - the cell is at an intersection of a race and a competitor; it’s a very natural place to hold data for a competitor/race that is specific to both competitor and race; points, place, corrected time etc…

Nobody has ever complained that having a race-specific rating in here has been confusing!!! - the meaning seems to have been obvious - when working out corrected times for this race, if there is a race specific rating for the competitor/race, use it instead of the default rating in the competitor record.

So I continued with that idea since it seemd to work and added a race-specific flight field - there is a rating tab in Edit+result and a flight tab. This allows you to define a race specific flight for the competitor/race. The meaning is similar to the race specific rating: if I’m evaluating a start expression for this race and there is a race-speific flight defined for this competitor/race, use it instead of the default flight in the competitor record. So all the races may have a start with Flight=Green but which competitors that identified changes on a per race basis if you utilise race-specific flights.

You can freely edit both race specific ratings and race-specific flights from Edit+result. SO at this point you could do flight assignments by hand but it’s be a pain. So I added a tool that can set race-specific ratings en-mass - this is setting the race=specific flight field in edit+result for you. So, having used the tool, you can also change things around a little using Edit+result directly.

There are two related series views: one showing race specific ratings and one showing race specific flights - and the view is showing the data in the cell that it’s defined in - double click on the cell and you’ll see the race specific flight/rating and be able to edit it.

So my question is. If race specific ratings cause zero confusion what the hell happened with race specific flights… why didn’t the same trusted and tried method used for one race specific thing work for another…?

I really do need to know. I can’t unleash this on the world if it’s going to cause mass confusion…




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I've been wondering: Ain't all we do "Race specific" ?
After being confused for a while, I see that race specific is (the) solution. One big problem is to make all info visible, and I think Colins suggestion for the flight coloumn is a big step forward!

So, what is race specific?

The start is Race specific.

The position which gives you a score is Race specific.

Your score is Race specific,

And if you add all the Race specific scores, you'll get an overall sum
which you subtract the worst Specific race; and you'll get's your final stand.
Your Flight assignment is Race specific.............................

and so on.

BTW: Wasn't it Ralph who said that the flight assignment had to be Race specific, in the beginning.


Martin     ( Still confused, but probably a little less...)

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Colin Jenkins

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`Hi Ralph,

  >>There you go again   'race specific value'
  I'll just have to trust you & assume that you are right- whatever it means



  If you do a flight assignments to race 1, race 2... and then view 'race
  flights', you'll see what I mean.  To score an AddC series you need a field
  that has a race-specific values (we've been calling them flights); but just
  Blue, but blue in race 1 and green in race 2 and...  i.e. race-specific


  Or not.  Perhaps I'm wrong and you can do it without race-specific value -
  but I don't see how.  (Other than locking down reviously scored races such
  that they are ignored when a series is scored - but this can lead to
  problems if you have to go back and fix a flight assignment for example.)


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