[sailwave] How I can put a penalty in a race which must be non discardable?

Hi, Costas!

First: Think the font-problem must be a Windows problem, not a SW problem. Colin also said that he can’t support more than one version of sailwave… So, I reccomend a transition to latest version.

In 1.92 build 2, this is no problem. In Scoring system - scoring code, you can create a new code, or change the BYE -code to several options: “Scored points + N points as specified above” or “score a fixed number of points as specified above”. This under the “Method”. When you then select the “properties” folder, you have the ability to check/uncheck “This code is discardable” and " This is a code where rule where rule A6 applies" and even more options…

I don’t remember how, but I’m quite sure I’ve done something like this in 1.57 too. Have you checked out all possabilities under scoring system?

Regards Martin


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In Sailwave 1.92 I think you can score the penalty in the race that the competitor failed to sign-out, by using the “Scored Point + N points”. It is not an option I have used , so maybe someone else can help. As a general rule try and use standard rules and penalties; in this case if you had used a scoring penalty, as defined by rule 44.3, it would have not been a problem as almost every scoring system supports percentage scoring penalties.


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Subject: [sailwave] How I can put a penalty in a race which must be non discardable?

Hello I'm Costas from Greece.
I have an Optimist and Laser std venue.
From my bad luck three sailors forget to sign the sign out list,
the officer give them 3 points penalty wich is undiscardable.
Temporary I make a new race which I rename to penalty and I make a new
rule SWP (slipway penalty), but there is a problem with the same
points sum the program didn't make the corection of the places.
2nd problem: I'm from Greece and I have problem with the Greek fonts,
from the sailwave EXCEL or WORD they didn't recognise them.
I've download the 1.92 but it cause worst problems. so I'm still use
the 1.57v
What I can do?