Sailwave & IMS

Hi Phil,

For those of us on the other side of the pond, feel like tackleing IMS?<

I had a quick look at IMS and went "Ouch". I must admit I got confused.
There seem to be various ways of doing things. If you could point me some
useful resources to help get me going I'll have another look. For example
what exactly is the formula to turn an elapsed time into a corrected time;
there seem to be N... There are a number of Sailwave users (potential
Sailwave users?) that have been asking about IMS - it is something I would
like to embrace if the work is not too prohibitive time-wise. I'd probably
have a whole dedicated tab in the competitor window called IMS to set up
each competitor; rather then try and generalise it with what is there.

If anybody else is interested in IMS and can help, please do not hesitate to
get in touch.


NB: I used the SUG to send this in case others were interested and because
emails to your reply address are getting bounced.


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