Sailwave Multiple Monitors

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Just a little thing that will be looked at by Jon when he can.

If you use Sailwave on a dual, or multiple, monitor set-up always have Sailwave on primary display (Monitor/Screen1). Doing this means secondary / pop-up Sailwave dialogue windows appear on the same Monitor/Screen1 that the main Sailwave window appears.

If you have Sailwave on the secondary Monitor/Screen2, the secondary /pop-up Sailwave dialogue windows will appear on the primary Monitor/Screen1.

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Thanks, Just a note on this if you are using Sailwave with Crossover, i haven’t tried this lately but the last time i did, by accident, i had Sailwave on the secondary screen and it would not work at all, as the first Pop up to be generated would NOT display on the primary screen… I am not sure if this is the same now, the next time i have my Crossover system running with Sailwave i will try it.


Just to confirm for anyone using Sailwave under Parallels, the operation appears to be the same as in Windows.

However under Crossover you get a mixed bag of results some popup will display on teh 1st Monitor, but in my case the Close Popup fialed to appear on any screen and i had to kill the App the “undignified way”…


Please see Version 2.28.3 currently available for download from the Sailwave Download Beta section with support for the Multiple monitors

Thank you Jon for providing this update to Sailwave.