Sailwave Not Saving

Sorry to come back to this, but we are getting 2 types of problems
whereby we lose all the entered data. Note we have several different
people doing the results, so it needs to be simple and bullet proof.
Problem 1. The results are entered, we go to publish, there is a
publishing problem and we have lost the entries (because we forgot to
save them, before publishing)
Problem 2. The results are entered, we 'save as' onto a flash drive to
put them on the net from home. (no broadband at club). Then we close
without going back to the C drive and saving.
Can't Sailwave save automatically ???
I don't normally have a problem myself - but I don't want to be doing
it when I come off the water after sailing. I would like it to be
simple for our results volunteers, who are not able to trouble shoot
when something goes wrong.
Regards Mike Swingler
Flushing Sailing Club