Sailwave Prize List Program update V1.2

Just to let you know I have updated my Prize List program with the following changes

V1.2.0 (v.3 on download page)

  • Updated to support the new locations of the Style files with Sailwave version 2.03
  • Made into a stand alone program, the Dll is no longer required
  • Added is own icon (Gold Trophy)
  • Removed text for burgee on page when they are not found
  • Changed override option of Style to be Default Plus as experience has shown this is better than Blue Blocks
  • Competitor count displayed now ignores excluded competitors
  • If Sailwave has the file open clicking Publish causes Sailwave to perform a save of the file to ensure we are using the latest data.
    Full details are Here

It can be downloaded from Here

Note the full SWAddon package only has V1.1 so if you install the full package you will need to overwrite SWPrize with V1.2.

I will update the full install when I have some feedback that every one is happy with V1.2

Please let me have any feedback