[sailwave] Publishing individual series from an overall season file

Hi Jeff,

I have had a similar challenges in the past and used many cunning plans.!!

I assume you publish both you main and sub series each week. (We now only update the overall series at the end of each sub series using merge as Huw suggested - far less painful)

When we used to have results used in multiples series we went for…

The daily OOD entering results into sailwave in a NEW daily sailwave file, (Kept them away from the main files) and then merged this daily file into the required series files. (Note you can open sailwave from shortcut with a template file)

This has its own challenges as helms and boats need to be in sync so merge works cleanly!! (Any changes / additions made to template to avoid new helm spellings each week!)

We use dropbox for all files as this has versioning and is available to multiple PC’s so allows for roll back… (Other cloud storage options available)

**One Possible slight enhancement to sailwave that would make this type of situation a bit easier to manage would be **

The option to merge selected races from a file (especially if you could specify say LAST 3) that way no need to use a daily file.

TBH - I now argue very strongly that all bright ideas to series changes (Always suggested by someone who has never managed the results) MUST be compatible with a simple implementation of sailwave.




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