[sailwave] Re: Problem sending resuls to RYA


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<p>Hi Jon</p><p>Thanks for that. I have input race 13 as a blank race and r=
e-sent races 14 onwards and it worked a treat. </p><p>The reason I removed =
the race as there was an anomaly with the club result and thought by just s=
ending the selected races it would work,&nbsp;clearly it didn't.</p><p>Much=
appreciated</p><p>Bob<br></p><blockquote style=3D"margin-right: 0px; margi=
n-left: 15px;">----Original message----<br>From : sailwave@yahoogroups.com<=

Date : 31/12/2016 - 14:16 (GMTST)<br>To : sailwave@yahoogroups.com<br>Su=

bject : [sailwave] Re: Problem sending resuls to RYA<br><br>


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      <p>Hi Bob - The issue is that you have name Race 13 as R14 and Race 1=
4 as R15 etc<div><br></div><div><div><span style=3D"word-spacing: normal;">=
If you send races 1-15 and races 18-21 this will work. &nbsp;You are trying=
to send non existent races.</span><br></div><div><br></div><div>Regards Jo=



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