[sailwave] Re: Staggered starts, with a single (elapsed time) timer for several fleets

Hi Keith,

I am pleased that you are making progress.

I assume that you are using your Android app to collect elapsed/finish times.

It never entered my head to let the OOD do the data entry, and/or set up the race start times, in fact now the idea has been sown I think I am dead against some of our OOD having access to the Sailwave program at all. We do have a couple of people in the club that can use Sailwave.

In our races we have overlap with boats from start 2 finishing before the last boats in Start 1. We just setup up the start times in the Sail number wizard and then enter the finish times. I tell our OOD that they can do what they like so long as they record what they did.

I see in the import function in Sailwave that you can import start times. I think that would be fairly easy to program for 1 start in a race. Where there are multiple starts you would need some system of sorting the competitors into the different start groups and allocate the correct start time to each competitor. Sailwave does this extremely well.

You can always set up the start times before the race and then import the finish times for each race as it becomes available, assuming no errors, or omissions, or restarts. You would need to make the start time for the first start as 00:00:00.

Please thank Robbie for putting the 3 minute countdown timer in the app.

Regards JohnL.


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Hi Malcolm / John

Just got it, I had the time in the Elapsed not the Finish field Doh.

It gives me 99.9% of what I need.

Race 1 is set up with 2 starts, Fleet A & Fleet B with Start times of 00:00:00 and 00:05:00

When I import results from a file with a Finish Time of say 10mins and no start or elapsed time the start time remains at 00:00 for all competitor despite the race start been set at 00:05 for Fleet B, as soon as I edit the start and Ok it recomputes the elspased time correctly. Any chance the Import or the Score Series can recalc the elapsed time with out having to edit the start.

Not sure I can trust OOD, to edit the starts. This way race start time would only need to be edited if there was a general recall.



Hi John L,

Thats exactly what I’ve done,

The file for import to sailwave is the .csv file in results of the app,

See app user group for instructions. (Very Simple) - Turn on sailwave in app setting page.


Also solution on UG to auto copy results to could storage of you preference.

Dropbox, onedrive, gooogledrive

All very slick, just need to edit 2nd / 3rd starts (no need to change anything) in sailwave and click ok to recalculate elapsed times for later starts as import leaves them un-adjusted.

Also be good if you could sign up to UG Robbie would apreciate it.