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[sailwave] Re: Updating sailwave using smartphone or similar…

As Jon has hinted I have indeed developed what is best looked at as a multi-user cloud-based front-end to Sailwave.

The main cloud components are

  • shoreside admin functions to maintain the entry list, record signing afloat and ashore, reporting and so forth

  • race team functions for transcribing paper finish sheets into machine-readable format. (In my experience you have to have the paper - you just can’t type fast enough.) This runs on any web-connected device including smartphones but seems to work best on
    tablets. It can be used on the water but doesn’t have to be. The key thing is that it validates data entered against the one definitive list of competitors.

  • functions to view results on phones, tablets, big TVs in the bar, etc.

The above are all web pages and IMHO there are good reasons why this is a better approach than an app.

There is also a Windows program which reads and writes the competitor and results database in the cloud and drives Sailwave via Windows messaging.

So what happens is that the race teams type in their finish sheets on the water, validate them and submit them. That raw finish data is passed through Sailwave to work its magic and the results appear on the big TV moments later.

At least that’s the theory. The big test comes next week with 3 races teams and over 300 competitors so in 10 days time I shall report here either success or disaster!

This is work in progress and I’m keen to develop it as a generalised solution so, assuming it is a success, then I’d like to hear from anyone interested in helping me take it forward by using it at their own events.

Proven - given the right kit and appropriate software people with no special skills can enter results on the water quickly and accurately even in the wake of Hurricane Bertha.

And once entered the results can be published on the web, and for this event on a rolling display in the bar, almost immediately and without further human intervention. I say ‘almost immediately’ because the raw data is passed through Sailwave to do its stuff and that takes about 30 seconds.

The race teams rose to the challenge and did a great job. By the end of the week results were being posted within 10 minutes of the last boat finishing. What it meant for the teams was that once they had submitted the data their job was done for the day - no more waiting while someone else did the data entry.

BTW the event was Chichester Harbour Federation Week - about 320 boats in 19 fleets on 3 courses with between 1 and 3 races per day. Sailwave behaved impeccably throughout though there are a couple of issues I want to raise!

I’ll be writing this up in more detail shortly and will report back here as to where you can read it.