[sailwave] Redress situation

Hi Zeff

From a rules point of view, the situation depends very much on how
"T> he race committee told us that racing was over for the day."

In your sequence of events, the RC should have signalled N over A. and
therefore could not have changed their mind & decided to run another race. I suspect
that the 6th race is not a valid race & should simply be canned for all

If no flags were displayed, which sounds as tho this was the case, verbal
communication has no standing & the 6th race is valid in the absence of
abandonment signals. Redress is therefore a correct solution to this & when RDG was
given for one boat, the Protest Committee should have made the same award to all
other boats affected by the situation.

At the end of the day, it was a cock-up & your club obviously needs a Club
Race Officer refresher course ;-)))))))

Ralph Tingle
Ogston & Rutland SC's (UK)

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