[sailwave] Sailwave 3.0

I'll rerun our handicap races from our spring open meeting and test it that way. Thanks for all your work

Jim Coffey
Ballyholme Yacht Club


From: "Colin Jenkins" <colinjenkins@talk21.com>
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Subject: [sailwave] Sailwave 3.0
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 21:33:04 +0100


I've uploaded a preliminary new version of Sailwave (3.0) on the web site
but not done a mass email yet. I'd be grateful if the SUG users could try
it out first. It has a few changes that scare me a bit (they affect
scoring) even though everything seems OK here.

You can now record an elapsed time by specifying a start/finish time.
Although the natural place for the start time is in the race detail, I've
actually added a start/finish time in every result. The last start time
entered will be used for the next entry so it's not too much of a hassle and
allows the times to sit next to each other. It's also more flexible WRT
fleet starts etc and could be used to model time penalties at a push.

The elapsed time and start/finish time have gone to a free format approach
after much feedback about speed of use. An elapsed time can be entered a
hours-minutes-seconds or minutes-seconds or seconds. A start/finish time
can be entered as hours-minutes-seconds or hours-minutes. None of the
sub-fields (hours/minutes/seconds) are limited to 60 - e.g. you could enter
an elapsed time of 4474 or 74-34 or 1-14-34. Use of - is so that the
numeric keypad can be used exclusively.

Also note that result codes that start with RDG have been tweaked such that
they occupy a result position as per A6(b). This fixes an oversight on my
part and will affect (fix) results that contain RDG*.

Feedback appreciated prior to launching 3.0 for real...


Would you like sight of the todo list on the web site so you can comment of
priorities etc...?

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