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I had the same scenario and I took 2 files with the second file first race
being the total of the first file races and continued from there. Then I
had a 3rd file which was per day scoring (since we were able to throw out 2
full days). I would then publish it to a HTML file and email the HTML file
to my crew. On the first two files, I changed the header of each race to
the day and race number (04/05 R1 , 04/05 R2, etc). I hope I made a little

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Hello all,

I am new to sailwave, and am trying to evaluate its usefullness to my
situation. We run a summer-long 1-design series, every tuesday night
100 races thru the summer, 4-7 each week) and want to score the entire
series as both each night, and overall, with total points carrying through.
But, I see that sailwave has a limit of 52 races per series. I have
about doing a number of things to work around this:
-split the season into two halfs
-score each night as a separate series, then create a new series, simply
summing the results of each week.

has anyone had a similar situation? any suggestions / comments?
I'm back to the excel spreadsheet...

thanks in advance,

Andrew Gaynor


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