sailwave security certificate

I am new user to Sailwave. When downloading the software package and the logo, my anti-virus software goes crazy citing malware, not secure, open to invaetc. Apparently an issue with the security certificate?

Any comments on security? Any others have this problem?

If you are using Chrome or Firefox as a browser, they no longer support certain certificates, using Edge, IE or Safari will sort the issue if its this, also certain AV products are going the same way.

Additionally if the time/date/timezone on your computer is wrong you can also get SSL warnings.

Hi Barney - There is no problem with the certificate assuming you are on the genuine Sailwave site
This is my view when you view the Sailwave site using Chrome


If you have any concerns still please supply information on the exact messages and the operating system, Browser in use and the Anti-virus you are using.

If you want to check for virus detection please use the website so it is then checked by multiple antivirus vendors not just a single vendor who often get it wrong with false positives



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