[sailwave] Sept 30 Version

Hi Douglas,

Yes, scoring by any field rather than field=fleet was one step forward; a
good one. The next step is to generalise field into fields. Other comments
taken on-board - thanks for the feedback and comments.

Because of time-constraints I find it easier to work iteratively rather then
do the whole kaboosh and unleash it on you. The downside is that nobody
knows if I think a particular dev is finished or not!

Colin J


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As I can see your online, I wanted to get a little clarification on
30Sep 1.58. I apologize ahead of time if this not completely fleshed
out, as it is near 2:00A here, and I am just finishing up with work on
one of our larger regattas, the Mt Gay Grand Prix. Regardless, in
30Sep 1.58, the addition of the capacity to define starts is great I
read the threads on the "and" and "or" statements as well as your
feedback that this could be expanded to an unlimited amount, again
great flexibility. What seems counter intuitive, however, is that
scoring is seemingly still limited to one parameter (i.e fleet, class,
etc.) My impression was that in 1.58 Sailwave could have user define
multi-parameter scoring. For example by fleet (i.e. Optimist) and by
Note (i.e. Age group), or any number of parameters

In this example all the Optimists start together and are defined as
such, but then I want to narrow the results, similar to the prize
function, but with compete and more flexible results and publishing

This is not a capability that is super critical for me, but I can see
that it would broadly expand Sailwave capabilities.

On the esthetics and wish list: > > 1) User definable Competitor List parsing (i.e. as before with Fleets > or any other parameter) and resultant Results publication with said

2) I do not use them, but our Cruising Races use Pursuit starts, this
would be a nice functionality.

3) More flexibility with Publishing abilities, editing code to plug in
a few pieces of graphics is a time waster, perhaps I need to get up to
speed on templates, and their use, if you have any recommended
resources for this, much appreciated.

Colin, bottom line it is the most flexible Race Management software
out there, and your constant work to progress and evolve it only makes
it better than anything else. Thanks for all your efforts.

Best regards,

-Doug Gordon

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