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Hello James...
having skippered Enterprise 13s several years, I actually think you should give him time sailing
singlehanded over 10 knots! that's a lot of boat to handle solo.

In the USSA Portsmouth tables, we can make allowances for sailing under-crewed - most folks I know
don't bother, since that means you have to change the PN value constantly between race days.
Personally, I think one minute is probably about the correct time to penalize.

Having said that, is the E-13 being sailed as it was designed? That is: junior sailors, crewed,
with the ideal crew weight around 250 pounds? If the skipper is a well-rounded individual pushing
200 pounds (like me), the penalty of a minute isn't necessary - and in fact, the skipper is
sailing hampered in that he's sailing a fast dinghy with a headsail without a crew.

I'm very interested in the Enterprise 13 One Design specs or the UK class association. We've got
four of them in my club out here - and I believe only one of those is inside the class specs.

Creve Coeur Sailing Association
'73 Enterprise 13 15124 "Swallow"


--- asc_results <james@jameslc.com> wrote:

One of the regulars at our club mislaid his crew the other week and
sailed a couple of club fleet races solo in his Enterprise. Which was
fine by the rest of us. But how much of a time penalty should this
attract? Do other clubs have an established rule?

My proposal was to add a 60 seconds penalty in a 40 mins race for
singlehanded sailing in wind speeds below 10kts but an even rating
above that windspeed.

Any other suggestions out there?

James Le Couilliard
Aldenham Sailing Club

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