[sailwave] Size Limits

We have run similar size regattas at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club and have not
encountered any problems.



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Date: 04/29/04 22:57:10
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Subject: [sailwave] Size Limits

HI Folks,

I'm very new to using sailwave and have just been asked to look into the
best option for our town regatta. I have one main question.... Id there any
practical size limit for sailwave? Our regatta will have IRO 180 boats in 26
classes racing twice a day for 5 days.

I have found nothing in my 'playing' with the program to indicate that this
would be a problem but would like to check.... ;o)

We will be running 3 committee boats and was planning to have 1 person
ashore working with each one, would they all be able to edit a single
sailwave file at the same time (I doubt that very much) or would we be
better using aseperate file for each committee boat and publishing from
there (or merging files for publication, maybe)?

Thanks in advance.


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