[sailwave] Start finish times etc

Hi Colin

I agree with you, its easier to input into 1 field, however if its easier to code the other way, that would be fine to.




From: "Colin Jenkins" <colinjenkins@talk21.com>
Reply-To: sailwave@yahoogroups.com
To: "Sailwave User Group" <sailwave@yahoogroups.com>
Subject: [sailwave] Start finish times etc
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 07:47:36 +0100

re: the start/finish time method of recording an elapsed time which a lot of
folk are after. I'm leaning towards free format entry fields rather then 6
up/down fields. i.e. so you type in a finish time of 16:33:34 in a single
field rather than have 3 fields with up/down arrows on them. Any opinions
out there..? The reason is that it's actually faster to type in the time
like this.

Thinking about doing this for the elapsed time too... again, any opinions
out there.

Sorry about delay; 'been bogged down with real work lately...


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