[sailwave] Transponders & Sailwave


You might try : http://www.prosail.no/

At the moment I think there will be a "minor" cost to implement such system...

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From: "Steve Fletcher" <fletch@uqconnect.net>
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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 08:36:25 -0000

We are a small river sailing club based on the Brisbane River,
Australia. All of our sailing courses can be monitored from the
riverbank and we currently have volunteer finishers who record boat
details and individual finishing times for subsequent point scoring
using Sailwave.

We would like to replace those volunteer finishers (who are getting
old and infirm) with an automated system. One of our members
believes that there is a transponder-based or other radio frequency
based system available. It appears there is this feature in Sailwave.

Does anyone have any details of such systems and some product supply

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