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Can you tell me what happens when you follow the procedure identified in my last messages please; i.e.:-
In a message dated 2/13/02 11:36:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, colin@sailwave.com writes:

  1. Publish to a HTML file from Sailwave (option 3).
  2. Close Sailwave
  3. Start MS Word
  4. In Word, open the HTML file you just created.
  5. Do some editing.
  6. Print.
    Does 6. crash Word?
    I tried it on MS Word 9 (2000) and it did not crash. The formating is not correct and it becomes multipaged, but to really edit an html file, you should be using MS Frontpage. Word does not do a good job of keeping the original formating for an html file.

Fred E. Welker


I have just downloaded Sailwave and having a play with it.

I was wondering how this program handles handicapping

With Handicapping series we use the following.

A standard boat is calculated for a race by averaging all finishing yachts corrected time. All other finishers times in that race are back calculated to find the back calculated yardstick (BCYR) figure, when applied to their own true time would give a corrected time the same as the standard corrected time.

Thus any yacht back calculated yardstick for that race BCYR equals

Yachts true time

-------------------------------------------------------x100 =BCYR. for that yacht

Standard corrected time

to obtain a yachts handicap for the next race the yachts previous BCYR is multiplied by 4, the current BCYR is then added to this figure and the total is then divided by 5, the resulting figure is the handicap figure for the following race. Handicaps are carried forward in race order not heat order number so you can abandon races are later re sailed yachts have their correct handicaps applied.

The top 3 race place getters have there handicaps reduced by a further 1% for 1st 0.5 % for second and 0.25% for third.

New members and all entrants in Non club series are allocated an initial handicap 5% lower than their yardstick.

There is a limit of 5% change in handicaps going out. 1 bad race will not kill your handicap. Handicaps deviation is limited to

    • 20% of yardstick.

Shit I think this covers it.

The bottom line is your system capable of something like this? It does not have to be perfect but we need some sort of handicapping system to help the less experienced sailors.

I have just downloaded Sailwave and having a play with it.

I was wondering how this program handles handicapping <

As yet Sailwave does not have any personal automatic handicapping facilities incorporated into it. You can however set ratings on a per race per competitor basis by hand in the Edit+Result window.