I wrote this initially to you personally then found it had gone public and
produced quite a bit of support so I have also gone public.
I cannot see why cheques cannot be sent, from the UK anyway, and I would
have thought that overseas clubs would be happy to pay bank charges which
are relatively small.
I have seen other websites whereby they suggest a donation being appreciated
and hinting at a figure(one being �10), I think something like this may have
produced a better response.
Another suggestion is to have a free access account and one with a fee for
those who ask for specific help, like Dr. Keyboard computer advice
newsgroup, I for one would be happy to pay for such help.
We pay a lot to the RYA and as a dinghy club get very little in return, I
approached the RYA re a results programme before discovering Sailwave but
with no success, they only seem to have interest in Olympics & offshore
Keep up the good work,
Geoff Town