Sailwave's irritating me!

So I’ve been using Sailwave for years and have never encountered this error. All I did was to enter the elapsed times for two races and I end up with this error. Frustrating!!!

DRYTC 2021.blw (20.7 KB)

It would help a lot if you attach the BLW file that generates this error.


Thanks, it’s now uploaded.

As Peter says if you could attach the sailwave .blw file then we can look at it for you. Check if any of the results have both place and time entered and check how you have specified the starts for the race

Hi Nick,

In R1 the finishes are recorded as elapsed time and in R2 the finishes are recorded as place.

In R1 183811 Douglas (Sarah?) The finish is recorded as place
In R2 188754 The finish is recorded as place.

If you fix the R2 setup and the two boats you’ll find that it will score correctly.


Hi Nick,
As the message says there were two results recorded as place somehow
I’ve changed them to Elapsed time and also changed the start for R2 to Elapsed from Place
The updated file is attached
Hope that helps

DRYTC 2021.blw (23.3 KB)

Thanks. I really don’t understand why that happened since all I was doing was entering in elapsed times and codes and not places.