Score race, but DNC in series

Is there a simple way to record the actual finish and rank of a boat for an individual race, but have that boat be coded and scored DNC (or some other code with similar points) for that race for the series (overall) Total and Net?

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There is not a way to have a boat shown as DNC in the Overall series table but shown as in the results for an individual race as their scored position with elapsed time and corrected time if scoring on a rating system. At least that I am aware of currently. Sorry.

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Talk me through in a little more detail what you want? I’m confused how a boat can DNC but also place!

What happens to the other competitors? Boat 3 of 5 does this weird DNC/Finishes does Boat 4 and 5 get 3rd and 4th or 4th and 5th?

Is this a single boat, once in a year? Or is that 5 boats each week all placing//not placing in different ways?

We have a crazy local club rule that a boat that has not met every one of the entry qualification steps (e.g., paid annual fleet dues, provided proof of insurance, shown evidence of a measurement cert, etc., etc.) can still race, but they are scored only for each individual race, not for any of the series. So, they are effectively a “partial” entry; not something the RRS considers. So, in each of the various series tallies (daily total, monthly, season), they would score a DNC until all entry qualification steps are met.
So, we can score this using a couple different SailWave files, of course. But, I thought if there was a coding scheme that would use the DNC score in the overall total, but still show the actual finish (and rank) in the individual race tables, that might be better.

As far as the other boats that placed after the “partial” entry… yes, the DNC acts as defined in RRS and A6.1 applies… all the boats finishing after the “partial” entry DNC would move up in the series tallies. I suppose if one was designing a new scoring code, one could add a provision for the A6.2 caveat, where other scores are not affected.