Scoring Irregularities with PHRF

Hi there, my club has a new fleet captain and I noticed an irregularity in the scoring. I have limited experience with Sailwave, and he has even less. Just set up the scoring the way it was handed over. See the attached photo. The 2 scores I’m concerned about are for Delirium and Chaos. If you look you see that Delirium’s PHRF is lower at 77 than Chaos at 79. Subtracting the Elapsed times, you get a difference of 1 min 18 secs. On the Corrected time, the difference INCREASES to 1 min 19 secs. This doesn’t make any sense, as the person with the higher PHRF, their corrected time should get CLOSER to the person ahead of them, not further away. It doesn’t have any impact on the outcome of this race but I’m concerned that there is something wrong in the settings or algorithm and that it could affect things in a closer finish for example.

Would you be able to post your default A and B values?


OK, I will check with the Fleet Captain and post, thanks!

OK, here’s what he told me. He’s going to send me the whole file shortly:
A: 566.31 and B: 401.431

What is happening is that the corrected time has been rounded. This is correct depending on the PHRF area and rules. Q&A 2018-003 answers the question regarding rounding the time.

Sailwave rounds the corrected time and there is no way to turn that off.

I tested the calculation in Excel and it looks fine to me:



Thanks very much for checking, I will let him know. On another note, one thing that has come up in all this is training in Sailwave. Is there anyone online running a Sailwave training course? Or any decent videos perhaps? The user manual looks great, but very dense. For new users, it would be great to have an expert show us how to use it if possible…

Hi tkenopic,

Online training can be organised but outside UK it is more tricky due to time zones. Where are you based?

I have done online sessions, sometimes just one and other times up to 3 depending on what is required. Usually best if numbers are kept low so everyone has a chance to interact and ask questions. A couple were recorded but I do not think they have been made publicly available.

A quick Internet search came up with these links, which you might find useful:

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One of the US/Canada users of Sailwave might offer to to do something :wink:

Sailwave was / is developed here in the UK and for handicapping follows the RYA guidelines that corrected time is rounded to the nearest whole second with 0.5 and above rounded up. This is hard coded into the software, as has been said in an earlier response.

Kind regards,

That’s great, thank you for the links, that’s really helpful. I’m based in Ontario, Canada so Eastern Daylight Time. I’ve taken your suggestion and may have found a local ‘expert’ than can help teach us initially. If not, I’ll return here and ask again. Cheers!