Scoring multiple series in one regatta

We are running a regatta over 7 days with the first 2 days “offshore racing” and the next 5 days “inshore racing”
There are prizes for both the 7 day series and the 5 day series - some entrants will only do the 5 day inshore series.
Is there any way to score the 2 series from the same results file?
I’ve tried grouping the competitors into 7 day and 5 days groups but when scoring the 5 day group it still includes all 7 days in the results, with the first 2 days scored as DNC.
Ideally I need to be able to score races 1-7, publish the results and then re-score races 3-7 and publish those results.
Thanks for any advice

Hi Andy,
There may be an answer to your question by using the Sailwave ‘Aliases’ functionality.

The ‘Aliases’ functionality is not available by default, it requires being switched on / made visible. This is done by clicking Set-up on the menu bar and then select User interface; in the window that appears tick the box beside the words “Competitor aliasing”.

What is the split in numbers between 7-day entries and 5-day entries? This information might be useful in determining which way to do things.

If want to send me ( your Sailwave file, I will have a look at it and be in a better position to advise you further. A copy of the NoR and/or the SI’s for the regatta would be helpful to my understanding.
Kind regards,