Scoring when a competitor's PHRF changes part way through a series

Hi, when a competitor’s PHRF changes part way through a series (gets a new larger sail) and that number is updated, how do you keep the old results with the old PHRF number? It is my understanding when a race is scored all the prior races would be updated with the newer PHRF entered. That would change the results of the earlier sailed races.

Thanks, Dave

Hi David - You can manually set the rating for any race - so you can either set the default rating to the original rating or the new rating and then set the ratings for the other races
Click edit result and select the rating tab and set the Race rating

Hope that helps

Hi Dave,

Sailwave has an option to change a rating for a single race or a single race and all races from that point on by:

  • Right click on the race result and select “edit result” for the race that you want to change the rating for.
  • Select the "rating tab"
  • Enter the new race rating
  • if needed select the check mark for a longer change than the single race.

That is very clear, thanks!