Screen Freezes on Discard Scoring

I am having trouble with the discard format In Scoring/Series Scoring. I am trying to enter a formula that will discard 50% of the scored races. I enter S/2 as the formula, but when I click on the “test expression” I get a message telling me it is an “illegal expression”. Okay, but it seems to follow the format of the example given in the pop-up for the discard. But the worst part is that the screen then freezes. Clicking on “okay” in the dialogue pop-up has no effect and I end up having to reboot my computer to get out of that page. What should the format be and why is my screen freezing? Thanks

Hi Colin,
I am sorry to hear you are having a problem.

I have tested using just S/2 in the discard box and everything works. However, when I entered “S/2” I get the message ‘Illegal expression: “S/2”’ appear in a pop up window and the only way to exit is to reboot PC as you have done or call up Task Manager and kill the Sailwave process.

This suggests to me there is some additional character in the string you have entered which causes the illegal expression message window to pop-up.

Please can you advise what operating system and version of Sailwave you are using?

I was using a fully patched Windows 10 and Sailwave version 2-29-6.

Kind regards,

Thanks for your reply. I have tried it again just using S/2 and it seems to work fine. I suppose I must have had some stray keystroke in my original attempts that caused the problem, although I did try it a number of times with different variations. Anyways, is working now. Thanks again for your help.