searching for.....

I've been looking for a couple of things in the archived messages
with no success.

1. A definitive guide to creating 'house' styles and templates for
race documentation. Or perhaps someone has created a house style and
can annotate their file to show how it's done. I note there is
no 'Files' section here, where such info could be stored.

2. Why I get a hyperlinked name in my results. The link was to an
ISAF file and resulted in an error anyway. I guess ISAF have some
biogs. on their site, and if my competitor has the same name it
creates a link, but this really ought to be an option, as it's a pain
if EVERY race this person does needs editing.

One thing I did find is a ref. to global options for my installation
of Sailwave, but it wasn't very helpful. What I'm suggesting is that
the defaults could be stored in a .txt or .ini file in a directory
called My Defaults under \Sailwave. If there is no file, or no
defaults are set, no defaults will be shown when the series option
window is opened.

The file contents would look something like this (example)
default.burgee: c:\program files\sailwave\my defaults\lscburgee.gif
default.publish: c:\my website directory\
default.blw: c:\my club results directory\

Having said that, Sailwave is making processing our club results very
much easier - thanks!

Jenny Fletcher
Langstone SC