Seconds per Mile or Average Speed Calculations

We are in the process of moving to Sailwave. Currently we have spinnaker and non-spinnaker fleets that compete on the same night in the same general area, but will have different courses. The intent is to try to get comparable elapsed times and therefore comparable wind conditions. This has worked well. Our fleet scoring is TOT using the standard TCF for PHRF values. Scoring each fleet separately is no problem, but we also want to combine the 2 fleets into an Overall fleet as well. Alias combines the fleets fine. If both fleets sail the same course but have different number of laps, Sailwave can accommodate that. However, if the courses are different lengths (e.g., a start leg, multiple internal laps not using the start and finish marks, and then a finish leg), the lap count feature in Sailwave does not work. Is there a way to create a formula that computes average speed when using TOT for each racer that can then be used to get the overall ranking?


Tom Owen

Dahlgren Yacht Club