Seeking Help with Sailwave Setup and Training


I apologize for any inconvenience if this is not the appropriate topic to post, this is my first post on this forum.

I represent the Karachi Yacht Club (estd. 1911!), and we are in the process of upgrading our ANCIENT scoring and handicapping system. Currently, our system is implemented in FoxPro and it gets the job done, but it is obselete and opaque. A particular pain point is adjusting handicaps for older boats in a class, and general organization of the data. We would also like to move towards RYA/PY handicaps for boats, with rovisions for older boats and sails, as well as progressive handicaps for sailors.

We have tried using spreadsheets as an alternative with limited success. At some point last year we heard about Sailwave, and have been trying to implement it at our club. However our committee has been experiencing difficulties with the initial setup of Sailwave, and we are seeking help to set it up and receive training on how to run it for our weekend races, yearlies, and regattas. We would be interested in contracting someone to help us set up the system, and perhaps provide us with training on how to operate it.

If anyone has any recommendations, online resources or can offer their services, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Tunio
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Hi Tunio,

I’ll be happy to help you as a volunteer. Please contact me at:

The Sailwave reference document is a good start to begin with:


HI Tunio,
Welcome to the Sailwave User Group.

Quick question - have you downloaded and read the Sailwave User Guide - Sailwave User Guide | Sailwave?

It may be helpful but I am here if you need additional help and guidance.

FYI - Sailwave can score multiple different fleets in the same file and using different rating systems.

I look forward to helping you set-up your scoring requirements.
Kind regards,

Thanks Peter, I will send along some specifics to your email after I get a little more oriented. I have the Users Guide on me but I’m honestly I’m a little overwhelmed, I have watched a couple of videos on YouTube too. Will be in touch :+1:

Hi Huw,

I have downloaded the guide, and it has helped me set up a race or two. But aside from being able to enter the names of competitors and finish times, I couldn’t really tell if the boat handicaps were accounted for, or if the individual handicaps would be adjusted and tracked over time. What’s more, I don’t think it even scored the race appropriately, because Nader was in a Nacra and the boat handicap should have knocked him down a few places.

I’ll give it another honest go this weekend. But I guess what we really need is someone to set it up for us the right way once, and I feel like we’d be able to adapt it and carry it on from there.

Hi Mir,

It is a challenge learning any new software. The User Guide is many pages but there is a lot Sailwave can do.

If you care to send me,, a copy of your Sailwave file I will have a look and advise you on your set-up. It would also be helpful to have a copy of the Notice of Rave and Sailing Instructions.

I am sure you will be able with help to get to grips with Sailwave as many other users around the world have already.

Kind regards,

Hey Huw,

Tell you what, let me give it another shot with a fresh mind, and see how far I get. And I’ll send you the sailwave file, along with the associated documentation.

I am sure you will be able with help to get to grips with Sailwave as many other users around the world have already.


Thank you for your support and faith in me haha.


PS: This is what my last experiment looked like, I got the standard PY handicaps in there, but again I don’t know if the results are correct, or if they are saved in the database. And on second thought, I’ll send across the files in case I’m making a silly mistake, but I’ll stay give it another stab this weekend.


Under the Tab Scoring System / Rating system, did you select your required handicap system?

For the second experiment yes I believe I have:

Not to prematurely complicate matters, but we would like to have these also modifiable to account for older boats in the same class, or boats with older sails


Then you would have to try the NHC rating system, which can take into account those factors.

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