Selecting a different races in a series for different trophies

Thanks for your suggestions, but as Art surmised the aliases don’t quite do what I need.

The championship races are scheduled as such (the afternoon race on day one and a specific morning race on days two to six) so we don’t need any complex calculations of picking the result to be counted.

In simple notation over the first few days (divided by / ) of the regatta (number SOD races sequentially) :

Starters Gun = R1 R2 R3 / R4 R5 R6 R7 / R8 R9 R10 / R11 R12 R13 R14 / etc
Championship = R2 / R4 / R8 / R11 / etc

If it can’t be done that’s okay!

Regards, Gareth

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Hi Gareth, missed this thread. I suspect there are a few ways of doing this, and it might depend on whether you need to keep a running tally of scoring of the race subset, or whether it’s a on-off exercise to determine a set of prizes at the end.
If I got the hang of what’s needed, it might sound a little ugly, but this would be pretty quick and simple. After scoring the full fleet, I’d save the .blw, delete all the non qualifying races for the special prize fleet and rescore. Save that one away, then reopen your original file and continue as normal.

Thanks Ian,
I suppose that’s always the fallback option I suppose.


120 Silchester Park, Glenageary, Co Dublin