Sequential Rank across Fleets in a Final series

A question was asked via email earlier today about how in Sailwave it would be possible to show a sequential rank across all competitors in a Final series with fleets - Gold, Silver & Bronze for example.

Jon Eskdale provided a solution he has used recently at the 29er Europeans with 4 fleets, which he scored out in Denmark (Sailwave results for 29er European Championship 2022 at Royal Danish Yacht Club 2022). He will be using the same solution when scoring the 29er Worlds in Spain where there will be 6 fleets.

The solution is to prefix the fleet names with a number, i.e. 1-Gold, 2-Silver, 3-Bronze etc. This means when you score the series they appear in this order on the screen. Once the fleets are prefixed like this after scoring and before publishing use the ‘Seed competitor field’ from the Tools menu.

Select Rank from the drop down list alongside ‘Competitor field to seed’, in this case you want Rank. Leave competitor selection to ‘All competitors’. Make sure ‘Numeric sequential’ tab is selected and that ‘Start at’ is set to 1 and ‘Increment’ is set to 1.

Now click ‘Seed button’. Voila the rank column should be in increasing numeric value from 1 to number of competitors in the file.

Now publish the results.

The seeding set-up is remembered until changed on an individual PC. So after each time series is scored use the seeding tool before publishing to get sequential number rank across all fleets.

Thank you Jon

Kind regards,