Series Scoring Code

We have a local rule that in order to count in any of our series, a boat needs to have paid its fleet dues to be eligible. But, we also permit and encourage boats to race in each race regardless, and we would like the individual race results table to show the position they finished in each individual race.
So, I would like a method to allow a boat’s finishing position to be published for each individual race(s), but to be excluded, or given a “DNC” type score, when scoring the series.
Has anyone figured out a way to do this within a single SailWave file? I suppose I can make multiple files, one for each race, and recode for the merged series files, but that seems tedious for this rare, but occasional, instance.

Hi Matt

You can do that simply using the alias feature
You need to enable aliases in the setup user interface



I don’t know why you say “simply”. Enabling aliasing is simple. What follows is complex. When I do this, both the regular and the alias get the same score (or code). I have not found a way to have the scoring code in the regular entry and the place in the aliased entry. Maybe I don’t understand your program.

Hi Matt,

Sorry if you have never used Aliases it can seem strange at first but it is really very simple.

You generate Aliases for only those that have paid and If you are scoring by fleet put the aliases in the Fleet to identify them as paid

Don’t forget to add the fleets to the starts for the races

Then rescore - you don’t have to enter any results for the Aliased competitors Sailwave will do that automatically for you.

Now you have the two sets of results

Hope that helps


Hi Matt,

One you have your aliases in a separate fleet (using Tools set competitor field select “Alias>0”)
Then in the Scoring System,
Create a code for say NPD Not paid Score as Place + 0% of…
Goto the fleet tab.
Add the Fleet.
Edit to match you fleet name
on scoring codes untick inherit
Use the Hand bottom left to select a set of codes
Add you new code again NPD and set to score as DNC.
Score by Fleet
You will get 2 set of results 1 with NPD scored as place and 1 with it scored as DNC
Hope that helps

Ok. Got it, sort of, maybe. And, I see an additional feature that Keith S. points out that looks promising, as well.

So, is there a way to more finely control the published results such that I can publish only the series scores for the non-aliased fleet, and only the individual race scores for the aliased fleet (or vice-versa)? The other results tables are meaningless in my case. I could imagine that this might configuration be configured by “fleet” in some set-up screen. Or am I left with editing the HTML file?

Hi Matt,

Short answer yes, it is possible to just print series scores for one fleet and races for second fleet.

It is all about what you choose on the first publishing screen.
[Edit] - it does mean publishing twice: once for series results and once for individual race results.

Take look and if you need more advice ask.

Kind regards,