Server returned Error 400 during upload 2020

This year I have got the above error when trying to upload results to PYONLINE.
I have checked to make sure I am using the latest version of Sailwave.
I have checked the format of all the race dates
I have checked that I am using the right club id and event id.
Any ideas on what else could be wrong with my file?

The 2020 on the end of the title was not in the error message (I had to add it as this was already a topic in 2018).

Hi Penny
If you would like to share your Sailwave .blw file with me - I’ll investigate it for you ( Or contact me through the chat on the Sailwave website. One thing to check is the User name is valid and you are not sharing any empty races Try uploading just one race.


I think I need to check the User Name (not sure where I have put the notes!) as I tried uploading an old file that I had previously updated successfully and it also failed. I’ll get back to you once I am certain I have the correct User Name! Thanks.

So sorry. I thought I had checked the Club ID but I had it wrong. When I cut and pasted it from the PY Online login then it worked, I had 26 races but only 20 would upload so I split the file and they have both loaded correctly.
Thank you for your quick response.

Hi Penny,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I don’t know why only 26 uploaded if you would like to share the file with me - I’ll be happy to look at it.
I’m sorry that the errors are not more useful but that is not Sailwave - that is the response from the RYA website
Sailwave just relays any error that it receives from the RYA Website once it has submitted the file.




I had combined the race times from two series so it was easy to submit two files (18 & 8). So no need to check the file.

Can Sailwave store the Club ID so that I don’t have to look it up? I often create the next Sailwave file from an old one so the Club ID would be copied too.

But having tripped up on this I hope I will remember to check properly before pestering you again.

Thanks for your help. It is really nice to know there is help available.

+44 7917020775
+44 1288 359580

Hi Penny,
Sailwave does store the Club ID - It stores it in the Registry of your computer - So as long as you use the same PC it should still be there.